Herdus are a 3-piece folk band playing Cumbrian and Irish folk music, original songs and cracking covers of pop, country and classical pieces. They are:


Ryan Wood          - fiddle

Steve Wharton  - vocals, guitar, ukulele,                                                       Chinese banjo, harmonica

Luke Moloney   - vocals, bodhran, drum kit,

                                      mandolin, guitar

They recently released their debut EP which features:

Heart Wood

An original song about the heart-shaped wood near Tebay, Cumbria and the tragic deaths of 4 railway workers nearby in 2004. 

Heart Wood Reels

A set of 3 folk tunes comprising an original composed by Herdus fiddle player Ryan Wood and 2 traditional folk tunes, Gravel Walks and Tam Lin.

Coming Up For Air

An original folk/pop song dealing with bereavement and mental health. 

They have a repertoire that covers 3 x 45 minute sets with great variety. They are also happy performing shorter sets for festivals and events. 



folk band

All Herdus material by type

Sample 3 x 30mins setlist

St Patrick's Day monster setlist

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